Are wedding posts boring? I feel like they might be…

I was rereading Ramit’s article at about why we are all hypocrites about weddings. The comments are full of people bragging about how very little they spent on their weddings – $500, $5000, $0.

I’m not really planning on having a frugal wedding.

If it was up to me, I’d do the town hall thing. I have no strong desire for the white dress and big party. I’m not very girly, despite what my obsession with Anthropologie clothes may suggest. Marriage (to me) is basically Chad and I doing what we’ve been doing, only now we’ll be doing it in a higher tax bracket. And my Catholic aunt can stop calling me the whore of Babylon, which will be nice.

My family has been looking forward to this day ever since Chad and I got into a long-term relationship (i.e. at the end of about six months, when they started asking where my ring was). They need an excuse to party and do the electric slide/chicken dance. Who am I to deny them that?

I know, we should do what we want to do, but all I’d like to do is make my family happy.

Truthfully, I love weddings. I think I will not be very into my own, if only because I hate being the center of attention. The planning process is already sort of stressful (11th hour hatred of the venue), but I’m looking forward to designing the invitations (and making my own letterpress!).

I’m not going to be able to brag too much about my wedding. I’ll come in at less than the average wedding cost ($28K), but definitely more than the median ($15K). I’ll cut costs where I can, but it’s going to cost $10K easy for food and booze for the guests.

We have the money, and I guess this is definitely a worthwhile reason for spending it.


3 Responses

  1. Good for you! People who brag about how frugal their weddings are are annoying. Thanks for reading.

  2. I find the “I spent only X,000” comments just bizarre. Most of them are over 5 years old, and the rest don’t have a family near the size of mine.

    Modern wedding planning is an art unto itself. I knew very early that my choices were either over 30K or elope. I chose the former, and it will be a long, expensive road.

  3. Not boring!

    Well, in general, once I get past the “what are your colors?” part, I’m a little bored, but this wasn’t about that at all.

    Weddings baffle me. How can it really be THAT expensive? But you add it up, and it is. I just don’t understand.

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