The benefits of an emergency fund

I make no secret of the fact that I dislike my job.  The work is uninteresting, unchallenging, and the position itself comes with little respect.

I went back to graduate school in order to ensure that my brain wouldn’t waste away while I looked for another job.  I’m a little less than halfway done.

I was told back in March that there would be a positioning opening up in a different area, and that the job was mine if I wanted it.  They couldn’t officially move me until June, but I was so excited to work there that I was willing to wait.  Then our company lost a major contract and there were layoffs.  I’ve been assured that they still want to hire me, but the longer it takes, the more I worry that there won’t be a job waiting for me.  I’m not sure how much longer I would be willing to work at my current job.

I still have options.  My company allows a leave of absence for education; I would pay tuition and book fees up front and they would reimburse me after I come back and work for a year.  I could probably handle another year at my current position if it meant tuition reimbursement.  It’s possible that by the time I finished, the new job would be ready to go as well.  Since it’s at the same company, I would still be reimbursed.

Of course, if my request for a leave of absence was denied (my managers can be spiteful), I would have to foot the cost myself.

5 classes x $4350 each = $21,750 + (books, rent, utilties, food = ~$5000) = $26,000

I just checked my account balances, and I can afford it.  I could drop everything and go to school full-time without owing anyone.  I could do it RIGHT NOW.

That is an awesome feeling.


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