July Goals Wrap-Up

Is it just me, or did this month seem like it dragged on forever?

1. Save 50% of my pay.  Done!
I think I got lucky this month.  I finally got my tax refund from California and a reimbursement from my company.  I also got a sweet, sweet incentive check for $2.30.

2. Buy no new clothes (except for H&M splurge, damage already done). Done.
Did this, but it wasn’t very challenging since I had spent some money at the beginning of the month.  August will be hard, especially since I keep seeing pretty Fall clothes.

3. Finish apartment cleaning/redecorating before Chad’s parents visit. Done.
We finished the living room, mostly just putting up shelving and rearranging furniture.  Did nothing to the bedroom, but I think the urge has passed.  Mostly because I haven’t added Apartment Therapy to my favorites on my new laptop yet. 

4. Email the dean at USC to see if any of my undergraduate classes can be applied toward my Masters. Fail. 
I typed up an email and forgot to send it.  I supposed I have a few more hours to get this done before August…

5. Buy a ticket home for Christmas & New Years. Done.
I bought the ticket, thank goodness for my Expedia credit!  There’s something funny going on with the billing (i.e. they haven’t charged my credit card yet) so I have to make sure it doesn’t get cancelled.

6. Decide whether or not to buy the wedding dress I found. Done.
I think I’ll probably buy it once we sign the contract for our venue. Guess I won’t be trying to save 50% for August!

7. Buy a new laptop. Done!
I love it!  I also love the iPod, although I didn’t really get much of a chance to use it.  Since it has WiFi, I can’t bring it into work.  Lame.

8. Control joint account spending. Kinda?
Technically we accomplished this sicne I focused on groceries and eating out.  Of course, we overspent on miscellaneous (stuff for the apartment, tickets to Catalina Island), and I completely forgot about renewing my car registration so we went over on Auto spending as well.  We spent $244.29 on groceries (goal was <$250) and $8.65 on eating out, although this number is artificially low since we ate out a lot this month, it was just covered by visiting parents and gift cards.


Clearly I am not aiming high enough!  Next month I’m going to have to put “cure cancer” and “save the environment” as goals, just to balance out all the easy things I pretend make good goals.


4 Responses

  1. Can’t you just turn off the WiFi feature? I don’t really know.

    But yeah, if you wouldn’t mind knocking a few cancers off your to-do list next month, that’d round out the list nicely 😉

    Oh, and still waiting for new laptop porn!

  2. Are you kidding? July felt like it barely lasted two weeks for me! hehe. Maybe thats because I didn’t really accomplish any of my goals…hmm…

    Good job on getting most of yours accomplished!

  3. @ Revanche: I think I probably could, but they get uptight about stuff like that. They get mad if you accidentally bring in a cell phone or thumb drive too! I understand why, but it’s frustrating to not get to use my new toy!

    I’ve discovered a problem with the laptop: it cannot take pictures of itself! I have to dig out my old camera!

  4. I love that “Kinda?” at the end LOL

    July went by REALLY FRICKING FAST for me, but I can’t wait for what’s coming up.

    You did a good job on your goals 🙂

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