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I’m currently writing up my July goals review and scrambling to do the things I have thus far neglected, and I remembered #6. This was the goal to decide if I want to buy a wedding dress I found. Since my 3 readers are ladies, I pose to you all this question: what do you think of this dress?

I like it because I think it’s kind of different and it reminds me of the Lazaro dress I like. It seems like every girl I know got married in the same white poofy princess dress with silver beading. This is the complete opposite of that.

It costs less than what I was planning on spending, but now that I think about it, which is better? A super fabulous white dress that I should only wear once (not that I limit myself to wearing fancy white dresses only when it’s “appropriate”), or a less expensive fancy white dress + J. Crew’s new fall line? (I’d be willing to walk down the aisle wearing nothing but those peep-toes. They are so pretty.)

My other question has to do with charity. Who do you give it to? It seems like you can get deductions for just about anything. I recently discovered that my favorite place, The Griffith Observatory here in Los Angeles, has a membership program with some neat benefits (lunch with the director, telescope parties at the observatory). It’s expensive – the plan I’m looking at is $1000 – but you get to deduct a pretty big part of that ($844). I have a charity budget that could accommodate it. There’s just a part of me that thinks it might be sort of selfish.

Whenever I think of charity, I think of helping people/animals in need. Something like a soup kitchen, cancer research center, or an animal shelter. A donation to the observatory would be less helpful to the human race. I’m torn.

Of course, there’s nothing saying that I can’t give the rest of my money to said “real” charitable organizations. What do you think?


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  1. Do not buy a dress without going to the shop. What looks a certain way on a model will not look that way on you. Seriously, it could be a totally different dress than you imagined.

    Then, buy it used! I got my 3K dress for a little over $300 on eBay, worn once.

  2. @ dog: Haha, thank you! I have tried it on at a store, I probably forgot to say that. I didn’t even think to check eBay though – good call!

  3. Hi – I’m new to reading your blog, but just wanted to throw it out there that I think the dress is beautiful. It’s different without being ostentatiously so.

  4. I LOVE THE DRESS. classy, very classy.

  5. Let me reiterate. That dress is gorgeous. Very classy. 🙂

  6. I really like that dress. I was really disappointed when we picked a lovely gown in the same type of style with half cap sleeves for my best friend, and she ended up going with the …. poufy white gown. Yep. Then again, I have the same debate with myself over the idea of a wear-it-once dress, versus a more reasonably priced gown. Hope dog’s suggestion works for you, it seems like the best of both worlds.

    As for your charity question, I’ve been a fan of giving to grassroots organizations like nycmedics who are volunteers that provide medical care to disaster area victims. I used to volunteer my weekends at the local animal shelters before I had an income, and have been wanting to make some time for House of Ruth soon.

    The observatory is an educational route, and I don’t know that it’s really selfish at all. People tend to discount the value of the arts and sciences that don’t produce a tangible benefit, but there’s as much value in fostering education, creativity and experiences as there is any of the other charities I contributed to. Feeding the mind and soul is as important as feeding the body, right? Besides, you could always go for the Observatory and pick a “practical” charity for the rest of the charity budget. That’d be a good compromise.

  7. Oooo, I like the dress. Unfortunately, I’m not into wedding dress trends styles, so my opinion holds little credibility. Still, i think it is beautiful. Not what everyone wears, and that is a good thing.

    Note: Do you itemize deductions? (and what other deductions do you take as a renter?)

    Charity is charity. It isn’t at all selfish to give $1000 to the Griffith observatory. They need that money too. As revanche said, do something that feels more “charitable” with the rest.

  8. @ Meri: That what I thought! It’s unordinary, but it’s not screaming, “Look how different I am!”

    @ Penny: Thank you!

    @ Revanche: I used to do a lot of time-giving when I was in college, but now I sort of guard my free time very jealously. How did you find out about the smaller charities?

    @SP: If I give as much to charity as I’ve been planning, I will be able to itemize on the basis of that and California taxes alone! Other things I deduct will be some mileage stuff for school and some random stuff like the license fee on my car registration. I don’t know if it will be a huge amount over the standard deduction, but this is stuff I would have wanted/had to pay for anyway.

  9. I love it – go for it! It’s lovely. ALso, don’t feel bad about spending on your dress. It is a very special occasion ans though we do tend to get out of hand in our wedding spending, the dress is always very special.

  10. Found your blog through TSD (one of your comments). I love the dress! I like lace overlays on wedding dresses. My husband (then fiance) is a freak and doesn’t like non-white lace on a white dress (like the dress you posted). I like it better, because it stands out more. So I got white lace on a white dress. I’m sure my husband would have thought I looked beautiful even if I wore a potato sack for a dress, but I decided that it doesn’t hurt to get a dress he’d like better.

    Just throwing it out there that some guys have an opinion on weird things like that.

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