And no one left comments, either!

I just noticed that about 75% of the smaller blogs I read posted about Zennioptical the day after me.  Can someone tell me why, or am I just that cool that everyone liked the site after I linked it?


[Edit] Apparently, the Zennioptical posts I’ve been seeing were because of some sponsorship.  I am so totally late to the blogging party that I wasn’t even really aware that this kind of stuff was going on!  I’m not at a point where I can do sponsored posts (no readership!), so that was an honest question since I’d heard about it elsewhere (i.e. I did not get paid for that link!).

I really just thought I was that cool.  Ha!


5 Responses

  1. Hate to say it but I think it was open to ANY Google Rank…..

  2. @ FB: What was?

  3. apparently doesn’t allow Pay Per Post, which is what the offer was.

    If you someday want to do paid posts, you need to use blogger or your own domain.

  4. @SP: Yeah, I realized it was one of those after I posted it. I have no plans to do the sponsored posts, I just thought it was weird that everyone else posted about it after me. Strange coincidence!

  5. hmm, I didn’t know that bit about PPP not allowed on wordpress…I’d briefly thought about it once upon a time, but now that I know that I know not to bother. (wordpress is a lot more user friendly, so I’m not switching anytime soon)

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