Links, Wedding Registry Edition

I got in trouble with my fiance’s mother a little while ago over the fact that we hadn’t registered yet.  Keep in mind that our wedding is over a year from now and technically we don’t even have a date set.  Chad and I chose a few random items off Amazon to get the party started (e.g. a replacement for our vacuum, which has died a very loud death in which it makes a lot of noise while not actually picking anything up).  This is not good enough, as apparently we need a brick-and-mortar store for the older, less technically inclined relatives.

The problem, of course, is that those stores charge double what our family members could pay on Amazon.  Fiestaware is $48/place setting at Macy’s, but can be as cheap as $25 on Amazon.

Frankly, the whole process of registering feels a little icky to me.  I don’t have a problem with it as a wishlist of sorts, but apparently we’re supposed to get upset if someone buys us a gift that’s not from the registry.  A friend of mine, recently married, complained that a well-meaning guest had purchased a KitchenAid stand mixer, but (horrors!) had not purchased it from the registry, had bought a different color, and had the audacity to bring it to the wedding.  And since she didn’t buy it from the proper registry, someone else bought them the same thing.

Never mind that this woman dropped over $200 for said mixer.  He has to ship it to California and go to the store to return it.  Such a hassle!  She will be the subject of outraged whispers between members of that family for years.

QuarterLife Finances had a post recently that sums up my feelings on gifts in general.  Especially since, by getting married, Chad and I have just basically stated that we’d like to continue doing what we’ve been doing, only paying more taxes while we do it.  Certainly that is a choice that must be celebrated with gifts!

MSN had an interesting article up a few days ago about “anti-brides.”  I think that they’re trying to get a whole new sector of the wedding industry started.  No cheaper than traditional weddings, but I guess you can feel edgy & rebellious. Or something.

Penny bought a new suit, and I gotta say, this is why I haven’t bought a new suit in a long while.  I’d love to buy a J. Crew suit, but the price tag always holds me back.  I know I’d be buying something of high quality, and I really do need a new suit.  I just can’t help but think that $400 would pay for a decent pile of clothes, even from somewhere pricey like Anthropologie.

Revanche has an interesting post about dressing for the job you want. I love the more formal outfits she shows; it almost makes me wish I had to dress up for work. I tried imagining the outfits they’d select for engineers. Khakis and button-downs, I’d guess. You have to try to blend in with all the men.

Sharon has a July menu posted. Chad is a bit like a picky child (& I am not that much more adventurous), and it’s nice to see a menu with more simplistic (but not boring) food.


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  1. Hey, I’d kill for two Kitchen-Aid stand mixers!! hehe. The friend you mentioned probably wouldn’t like what I’m about to say….but one of our concerns (in shopping for my sister’s wedding) was that ALL Macy’s coupons say “coupon not valid on Wedding Registrys”. What an outrage! (What’s the difference if its a registry gift or not? I dunno, that policy made no sense to me…) So what did we do? We’d print out the list, find the stuff in the store…then ignored the list when we went to pay. We could then use our discount coupons and call my sister to notify her to cross “x-item” off the list.

    This wouldn’t work unless you’re close to the couple…and I guess it’d seem quite tacky to some, but I’d have no problem with it if someone did it to me (hey, I’m all for saving others’ money!). My sister was fine with the idea too.

    Nice post, by the way…and thanks for the mention!

  2. hm, strange…that winking face came out of nowhere! lol

  3. @QLGirl: I called my mom and told her to suggest to people to do the same thing! I don’t think it’s tacky at all. I always try to get the best price for everything, and my preference would be that others do the same!

    No problem on the linkage, I read your post and just thought, “YES!” That’s exactly how I feel!

  4. Thanks for the linky! I’m glad you posted Penny’s article, too, I’ve been thinking about suits since I have two business trips coming up in the next three months. I see the *same* people at most of these things, and I have one suit. *sigh*

  5. Thanks for the link! I just got back from a business trip so now I have to get to work catching up on all the pf posts I missed these past three days! I never knew I read this much on a daily basis, and keeping up with it when you get back is sort of overwhelming!

    By the way, I hate the concept of registering as well. I believe people should get you what they want to get you and that would preferably translate into gift certificates so you can pick out what you want! I have bought so many presents for weddings lately and it’s so expensive! (I have a new policy of giving a card and gift certificate. It’s easier and saves time hunting through the registry for something I can afford.)

  6. Honestly, I can’t think of a time when I really need a $400 suit. I went to a couple interviews about 7 months ago, and no one seemed to mind that my suit was not beautiful. They were more concerned to tell me that I shouldn’t wear open toe shoes because they wanted to do a plant tour.

    Do you need one for work, or just for other life events?

    The trouble with weddings is, even if you try to be frugal and anti-bride, it is still expensive to do something “simple” unless you go ultra casual backyard type thing.

  7. @revanche: At work, there is a meeting where all of the higher-ups from our customer discuss the issues on my program. We are supposed to wear suits. Since I don’t really have one, I dress up in skirts and dresses. Someday, though, I’m going to need to look more professional. And yeah, I’ll probably need more than one suit!

    @Penny: I have always given cash for wedding presents for that very reason!

    @StackingPennies: This is very true. I currently don’t even have a suit that fits properly, and I haven’t had any problems.

    And I’ve always wonderedwhy people have the frothy, tacky pink weddings, but I’m finding that doing it is actually cheaper. Simplicity and elegance has a high price tag!

  8. Brilliant!

  9. […] First, it is 100% internet based, and you probably have a few straggling non-web relatives, as Paranoid Asteroid found when she tried to get away with an Amazon wish list.   I have a few relatives that may have […]

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