To Accomplish List, July 2008

I’m coming in really late with these goals.  I blame my vacation, a blissful 2 weeks of reading books, playing with my parents’ dog, and not being at work.  Sadly, my time off had ended and I’m back at work.

July 2008 Goals & To Do List

1. Save 50% of my pay.
This is a bit of a stretch goal, since my current numbers say I’ll come in just shy of that amount.  I know there will be a slight bump in income from an incentive program at work.  For the remainder, I think I might be decreasing my deposit to my personal spending account for a paycheck or two.  I’m just going to have to be careful this month.

2. Buy no new clothes (except for H&M splurge, damage already done).
I mentioned in my last post that I feel like I’ve been spending too much on clothes.  Technically, I haven’t.  This is why I created a separate account!  Nevertheless, I feel a bit guilty at how much I’ve been spending.  I’m going to hold off buying anything else this month.  I’m hoping that I can last until September!

I’m still trying to decide if I’m including gift cards in this.  I have one for Express and one for Target. 

3. Finish apartment cleaning/redecorating before Chad’s parents visit.
They’ll be here the weekend of the 18th, so I’m not sure we’ll get everything done.  I’m hoping to get at least the living room done by then, but it would be nice to finish the bedroom as well!

4. Email the dean at USC to see if any of my undergraduate classes can be applied toward my Masters.
No one at USC can tell me if they’ll accept this class.  I can’t find anything on the web.  The only thing left to do is to formally ask, but I guess the acceptance/rejection will answer my question.  I didn’t want to feel like a butt if it was rejected, but I guess that’s the only way!

5. Buy a ticket home for Christmas & New Years.
I have a ~$100 credit at Expedia that expires in August, so I have to make sure to book soon.  Too bad I just found out that I might be traveling to the East coast again, right around that time, except no one knows which dates I can expect to travel.  I’m booking the flight now, just to be safe!

6. Decide whether or not to buy the wedding dress I found.
My mom had me trying on wedding dresses, and I found one that reminds my of my dream dress.  It’s still pretty pricey, although not quite the thousands of dollars I would expect to pay for the Lazaro dress.  I worry that it’s too soon to buy a dress, though.  I also worry because I’ll need to pull $750 out of savings to cover it.

7. Buy a new laptop.
It’s sad that I have to make a goal out of this.  I’ve been needing a new laptop for ages – my current setup is a 6-year-old laptop and a 7-year-old desktop that I access through said laptop.  Neither one is particularly fast, and they both keep me tethered to a desk since they can’t be unplugged.

After months (since March 2007!) of deliberation, I’ve decided I’m getting a MacBook.  Bonus: they have a deal right now for college students where you can get a free iPod Nano or iPod Touch.

8. Control joint account spending.
This is going to be hard since I’m trying to spruce up our apartment.  It is full of college-type decorations (no beer bottle decorations, at least), and I have been reading too much Apartment Therapy. However, there are a few categories we can cut to give us wiggle room there.  I’m thinking:

Less than $250 on groceries. I’m not sure if I see this happening, we had a mini barbeque for the fourth and spent waaaay too much moneyon junk food.

Less than $50 on eating out.  This sounds stingy, but we have gift cards to The Cheesecake Factory ($150 worth) and I know we’ll be sick of restaurant food after his parents visit.  $50 should cover the “Ugh, don’t feel like cooking” burrito/pizza runs.

I’d like to pretend we can reign in spending elsewhere, but we probably won’t.  I know goals aren’t supposed to be easy to reach, but I don’t want to try for the impossible, either!


6 Responses

  1. Apartment Therapy is evil!! lol. I had to stop checking in regularly because 1) they post WAY too often (especially if you sign up for all of their readers: NY, CHI, SF, LA), and 2) I was developing far too expensive taste. “$1k for a coffee table? Bah…pocket change!”

    About the gift cards, I’d say use them…but use them wisely. If you feel guilty, it might be because you don’t need more clothes. Maybe you’d rather wait until the fall clothing collections come out?

  2. @QLGirl: I stopped letting myself read AT for that very reason! I was actually feeling pretty OK (not great, but OK) about the apartment until I started reading it!

    I definitely have too many clothes. I just cleaned out my closet & I have a stack of boxes bigger than me! This is probably why I get the feelings of guilt. I’m hoping that by holding off on buying anything for a while, I’ll be able to save up some money to do a big splurge for fall. Your recommendation was spot on! Except that I’ve already received a “new for fall” newsletter! (And one for a pre-fall collection, whatever THAT means!)

  3. I can’t WAIT to get a new laptop!! I’ve had mine since 2001 and it’s still trucking along, LOL. It’s definitely on it’s last legs though… I can’t decide what I want to get to replace it though.

    I couldn’t figure out how to find a reader/feed for Apartment Therapy? That might be a good thing though!

  4. All very good deals.

    Macbook = you will LOVE IT

    And as for not shopping – I did that. For April. Pretty hard, but I made it through…

  5. And by deals I meant “GOALS”

    I need more sleep. Jet lag is killing me.

  6. @Lindsay: Yeah, my desktop was one I had gotten when I started college (2001), and it still works OK. I upgraded it a couple times, though. The laptop is my boyfriend’s old one, from when he started school. They work well for what I need to do (internet, some spreadsheets & word processing), but anything fun (games, even iTunes) runs slowly or not at all.

    I went to AT to see if I could find one and managed to waste an hour reading all the articles. Ooops!

    @FB: Is it better or worse that I didn’t even notice you said deals? Just nodded my head and then had to check once I read your second comment.

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