Glasses for $8?

Has anyone ever tried Zennioptical?

It was recommended to me on the intertubes, but I keep feeling like there must be some sort of catch.  I secretly hope there is, because I paid $300 for my current glasses and I’d feel like a bit of a schmuck.  Although my glasses are at least 27436 different kinds of awesome, so they might be worth it.


2 Responses

  1. check out: for some opinions?

  2. yes–I tried it last year, because my glasses are usually around $300 a pop, and I’d say its worth a try (my glasses ended up costing about $30 with shipping!) The one slightly obnoxious piece is you need to get your pupilary distance measured (the distance between your pupils) so that they can grind the glass. I just asked at my eye doctor and he did it and put it down on my prescription. So far they seem like decent quality glasses, though I am typically a contact wearer, so they’re not exactly daily wear.

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