June Week 3 Update

I’m going on vacation tomorrow to visit my parents in Pennsylvania. This will likely destroy all the attempts I have made to save money. (There is no sales tax in PA! It’s like an automatic 10% discount!) Before then, I’d like to do a recap of my monthly goals.

1. Hit $11,000 sent to savings YTD.
I haven’t gotten the last paycheck for June, so I’ve hit $10K YTD (my original goal) but will have to wait until Thursday to meet my revised goal.

2. Buy a ticket home for Thanksgiving.
I’ve put this off due to the insane prices they were asking. I may have to cancel my trip home for the holiday, since I could afford to spend the $500-$600 to get there, but it might be smarter to skip it this year and put the money into my wedding savings.

3. Talk to my future managerabout my new job.
Done, with raging success. Which leaves no need for #4.

5. Buy Father’s Day presents for my dad & grandfather.
DOne. There was a slight problem with my Dad’s gift (both the original and the first replacement were damaged during shipping), but I was really happy with the way the company handled it.

6. Submit my GRE receipt to get reimbursed.
I’m having a lot of trouble with getting my company to reimburse this. I don’t have a cancelled check, and they keep rejecting everything else I give them. I have to remember to call my bank and see if they still have the cancelled check or a copy of it. $140 is a lot of money!

7. Control joint account spending.
We’re already over our gas budget ($150 for 3 weeks! absurd) and our miscellaneous budget for the month, but I think we did OK everywhere else. I’ll know the specifics at the end of the month.


Personally, I was a bad PF blogger. I bought this gorgeous skirt for my engagement picnic. This is probably the most I’ve spent on an article of clothing in over a year. I’m hoping that I will manage to control my impulses while I’m at home, although I’ll have access to an H&M so probably not…


2 Responses

  1. Some online banking allows you to view [and print] a copy of your check. Maybe check that out?

  2. Lindsay, my bank no longer has it posted. I’m going to check with them that they can’t go back any further. I’m willing to pay a few bucks to get a copy of the check since it’s worth $140 in reimbursements!

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