June Goals – 0.33333 edition

I missed doing a June Week 1 update, so here I present my one-third update.

1. Hit $11000 savings total (i.e. save $2600 this month).
This is something that will have to wait until the end of the month, I think, when I get my final paycheck.  I still need to “find” about $100, but I’m spending less on Father’s Day gifts than I had originally intended (hurrah for sending group gifts!), I submitted my GRE reimbursement request ($140) and I think my California tax refund is finally on its way.  There’s also a possibility that I might not be buying a ticket home for Thanksgiving this month…

2. Buy a ticket home for Thanksgivings.
I’ve been looking at Expedia every few days, but all of the flights are over $500 for the dates I need to travel.  I suspect this is due to the recent hysteria in gas prices, and I’m torn between just booking the damn thing in case prices go up more, waiting out a price drop, or skipping the trip home all together.  I’m actually having a bit of a crisis about this, but I think I’ll save that for a later post.

3. Talk to my possible future manager about my new job.
I did get a chance to talk to him last week, and he assured me that he would spill blood before he let me go.  This was a nice thing to hear, although it’s frustrating that he doesn’t have a better idea of when I will be able to transition.  He’s depending on someone else to open a job requisition for me, but with the state of our company (loss of a big contract, delay of the decision on another, andd layoffs), there will probably not be much movement for another month or so.

Truthfully, I don’t mind waiting.  This is essentially my dream job!  If things are going to fall through, though, I’d need to know sooner rather than later so I can arrange for a leave of absense to finish my Masters.

4. Look into taking a leave of absense or volunteering for a layoff.
Not going to be necessary, at least for now!

5. Buy Father’s Day presents for my dad and my grandfather.
Check!  Now I just have to remember to tell my sisters how much they owe.

6. Submit my GRE receipt to get reimbursed.

7. Control joint account spending.
We might actually meet most the goals I set for this month!  Of course, we’ll be gone for the last week of the month, so not needed to go grocery shopping for that week and no need to buy gas.  I suspect we might go over the Eating Out budget and Miscellaneous budgets (I just can’t resist buying a ridiculous magazine and overpriced food/water at the airport!), and we went to San Diego this weekend, just in time for gas to jump up to $4.39/gallon.


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