In an interstellar burst, I’m back to save the universe

It’s always a strange feeling, starting a new blog.  I’ve had online diaries before, although I’ve never been good at keeping up with writing every day, every week, or even every month.  Relating everything after the fact gets exhausting, especially when you’re relating it to an anonymous (possibly non-existent) audience.  You start to measure your worth based on how many people post comments.  Maybe that’s just me.
This is probably not going to be a personal blog.  Recently, I’ve found that my fiancé’s eyes glaze over whenever I attempt to talk to him about finances.  He’s good at saving (helped by the fact that his parents paid for his student loans and gave him a car), but he’s not interested to the same (obsessive compulsive) degree that I am.  This blog will just be a place for me to chronicle all of the financial minutiae that bothers me throughout the day.  I will also probably talk too much about clothes.
I’m also hoping that using an actual screen name to post comments on other 20-something PF blogs will make me feel less creepy doing so.  I’m not sure anyone else shares my issues with the intertubes.
More after the jump…
In an effort to feel less creepy, here’s some information I usually wonder about other bloggers:
I am 25.
I work for a large engineering company.  I have an engineering degree, but I never get to use it at my job.  This frustrates me, so I am (hopefully) transferring to a different job soon.
I am in the process of getting my Masters degree in engineering.
I make a decent salary (upper five figures), but the number is somewhat inflated because I live in a very large, very expensive city.
I live with my fiancé, which helps cut down on most costs since we split rent, utilities, gas (we carpool), and insurance (since the car his parents gave him very recently died).
Eventually I’m going to add one of those net worth trackers.  Eventually.
Any other questions, just ask!

2 Responses

  1. Cannot WAIT to follow your life 🙂 You’re so far ahead at 25… lol

    And your salary sounds amazing! But what is that in relation to let’s say someone living in a ‘regular’ city? I mean $1500-ish is a lot of dough for rent…

  2. I won’t lie: I think I make way too much money for what I do. This is probably because I’ve only lived in small towns in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I actually make more than my mom!

    I’m not sure what the salary range is for my job in other cities, but my younger sister has a similar degree (engineering, but a different kind) and she was hired in at $45000.

    $1500 is a lot for rent, I agree! My boyfriend and I live in a shoebox-sized apartment so we can save money!

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